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Will You Be Infected When Throwing Medical Waste?

Improperly disposing of biomedical waste can have detrimental effects and cause several diseases. Disposing of medical waste needs to be done as per the guidelines of healthcare experts. The World Health Organization has proved that improper handling of biomedical waste can result in the outbreak of some diseases.

 According to the current report, medical wastes contain some pathogens linked to causing several diseases, as discussed below.

1.    Skin infections
The skin is a sensitive body part that can easily contract diseases when it comes into contact with the pathogens present in medical waste. Therefore, the employees should put on protective gear when dealing with the garbage.
2.    Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
Mishandling of needles used on Hepatitis B and C patients can result in the transmission of these diseases. It’s essential to have all the needles and sharps disposed of in a well-labeled container.
3.    Meningitis
Meningitis is usually caused by bodily liquids resulting in the brain membranes inflammation and spinal cord. Therefore, proper disposal of biomedical waste with bodily fluids is highly recommended.
4.    Parasitic infections
Testing for the parasites infections has yielded promising results in controlling the parasites infections. Therefore, testing the bodily fluids and properly disposing of this waste can help prevent these infections significantly.
5.    Bacteremia
Bacteremia is a condition resulting from bacteria moving into the bloodstream. Therefore, needles and sharps with pathogens that transmit to bacteremia need to be appropriately disposed of.
6.    Candida
Candida is caused by Candida albicans, linked with extended hospital stays. These pathogens are usually present in the medical waste from healthcare facilities and can infect patients who come into contact with it.


Proper medical wastes disposal is the best way to prevent the transmission of the above diseases. It is good to invest in protective gear and engage authorized medical waste providers to protect your employees and people who visit the facility.