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Understanding Medical Waste Containers

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Unlike ordinary trash, medical waste must be segregated and dealt with appropriately to avoid contamination.

However, not all healthcare facilities are equipped with medical disposal systems, so they use medical containers. These medical containers are then passed on to professional medical waste disposal services who will safely dispose of their contents.

Continue reading this article to find out how medical waste containers are classified and disposed of.

Medical Waste Container Classifications.

Medical waste containers are color-coded according to their content. This is how they are divided:

●    Black

Black medical waste containers are composed of chemical waste and cytotoxic drugs. It has to undergo chemical treatment before it is disposed of at a secured landfilling.

●    Red

Red containers contain infected dressing and POP cast. These undergo autoclave machines at treatment facilities, then they are buried deep.  

●    Yellow

Yellow medical waste containers contain anatomical waste. This includes items such as body parts, pathological waste, and placenta. These are disposed of by deep burial.

●    Blue

Blue medical waste containers have infected plastic items. This includes gloves and syringes. These are disinfected and mutilated at treatment facilities then go through a recycler.

●    White

Lastly, white medical containers contain sharp items. This includes cut glasses and needles. Like infected plastic waste, these are disinfected in treatment facilities then buried in sharp pits.

Final Words

The color-coding system of medical waste tells disposal professionals how to handle each bag. At the same time, it also helps them identify the best disposal method for that particular type of waste.