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The Pandemic causes Medical Waste Piles around The Globe

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Medical items and disposable protective clothing are quickly depleted by patients and healthcare personnel. All of the used equipment eventually accumulates as medical waste that must be properly disposed of.

Garbage tainted with body fluids or other infectious items is also stacking up as hospitals prepare for a rise in COVID-19 patients. This has become a growing worry for hospitals and government agencies all around the world.
In the United States, there has already been an increase in waste from personal protection equipment. In addition, certain items that are not normally considered hazardous waste, such as food, must now be treated more meticulously after coming into contact with COVID-19 patients.

Officials in Wuhan, where the coronavirus initially appeared, were forced to build massive clinical waste disposal. At the height of the epidemic, hospitals there accumulated six times as much clinical waste, prompting the deployment of 46 mobile waste processing units on a daily basis.

As the epidemic progresses, communities will face new challenges in keeping medical waste safe and controlled. There is, however, no indication that unprotected close interaction during the processing of medical waste contributed to the spread of the COVID-19 disease.