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The Most Ideal Method of Disposing Waste

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As the population keeps on rising daily, solid waste generation keeps up with the pace. The good thing is, just as modernization wraps the world faster, so is the disposal method for every kind of waste. These methods help with solid waste management and help with the efficiency of preventing pollution and ensuring minimum damage to nature.

Now, let's ponder about the modern and ideal methods of managing waste:

●    Biological Reprocessing

As the name suggests, this kind of waste disposal is only applicable to biodegradable waste, such as food scraps, paper products, and decayed plants. Biological reprocessing will help increase the rate of organic waste degradation, resulting in compost-- a naturally-made fertilizer beneficial to plants.

●    Bioremediation

This type of waste disposal makes use of a kind of microbes that is usually environmentally-friendly. Hazardous and toxic waste such as medical waste can be disposed of in this kind of method. It also converts hazardous waste into non-toxic by-products.

●    Thermal Treatment

Thermal treatment, more commonly known as incineration, is a waste disposal method that converts all kinds of waste into heat, ash, and gas. It is a common waste disposal method if only a small piece of land is intended for waste disposal.

Final Thoughts

To keep up with the fast rate of waste generation, we need more updated waste disposal methods to ensure the public's health, safety, and welfare. Though the population is increasing every day, the amount of waste must be managed properly to avoid affecting the lives of future generations.