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Single Use Medical Device Recycling

single use medical devices

It’s become practice in some medical facilities to reuse single use devices. This is mainly because of cost cutting but sometimes also because of environmental concerns. However, a John Hopkin’s study showed a direct link between this reuse and hospital acquired infections. Another study by the ECRI institute showed that flexible endoscopes that were incorrectly sterilized then reused led to patient infection.

When hospitals reuse single use devices, it leads to issues with physical defects in the device, performance problems and insufficient decontamination.

A solution to this issue is to recycle these devices. This eliminates the concern for hospital acquired infections and decreases the carbon footprint of these devices. It reduces the burden on landfills too.

Some waste disposal companies offer takeaway recycle systems for single use items. They arrange for the collection, storage, transportation and recycling of single use devices. It can be a cost-effective solution to the problem, allowing healthcare facilities to lower their risks while at the same time caring for the environment.

Almost all single use medical products are manufactured from materials that can be recycled. How it works is that single use devices that are normally scheduled for reuse, landfill sites or medical waste treatment get collected from multiple facilities then sent together for recycling.