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Medical Waste Truck Driver Scarcity

drivers wanted
The American Trucking Association has done studies showing that there’s been an increase in truck driver shortages in the last eight years or so. While there’s been debate on how big the problem is, there’s no doubt that there is a problem. It’s not simply a matter of giving higher wages to attract more drivers, either.

The American Trucking Association blames the strict federal regulations that prevent as many as 90% of driver applicants from being considered for employment.

The problem is set to get worse. The age of the average truck driver is 55, so many of these are set to be retiring in the next decade.

  • What’s the Significance for Healthcare? The scarcity of drivers means that their salaries are higher than ever before. The cost is passed down to those who rely on haulage such as healthcare facilities who need their medical waste disposed of.
  • What’s the Solution? Medical practices need to start looking at ways of treating and disposing of their own medical waste. There are state-approved, new technologies that make this possible. Using them will of course incur initial costs, but after that the facility will save on paying a third-party hauler.
  • Benefits of On-premise Solutions. Advantages include no hauling fees, no invoices and associated admin, no need to store the waste while awaiting pickup.