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Medical Waste Management Best Practices

radioactive waste

It’s been estimated by the WHO that 85% of waste produced by healthcare facilities is not hazardous. However, the 15% that remains poses a significant risk to healthcare workers and waste handlers alike. Hazards include exposure to infection or toxins and injury. Unregulated medical waste disposal is also an environmental hazard. Here are three basic best practices that you can implement in your facility to mitigate the risks.

  • Define the Type of Waste- First, determine what type of waste your healthcare facility is generating. Is it ordinary waste, infectious waste, hazardous waste, radioactive waste, or a mixture of all four? Second, decide which medical waste disposal method will ensure safety and compliance with the OSHA regulations.
  • Separate It- Obtain sharps containers for the sharps waste and radioactive containers if you have any of that. Ensure that all waste is properly labelled.
  • Engage the Services of a Medical Waste Disposal Company- Partnering with a certified waste management service provider will help you obtain the correct containers and increase your healthcare facility’s efficiency. It will also keep you compliant with all waste management regulations pertaining to your specific practice and location.

Whether you’re just a small private clinic or nursing home, or a large hospital, MET can help you manage your biomedical waste better. Contact us now and we’ll tell you about our medical waste solutions.