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Medical Waste in Hospitals and Where They Go

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There is a lot of medical waste in hospitals generated from diagnosis, treatment, or immunization. Therefore, there is a need for each hospital to have a well-orchestrated means to dispose of their medical waste.
After all, if medical waste is not correctly disposed of, it will likely become a health hazard to the broader community.

What Typically Composes Medical Waste

•    Used surgical gloves
•    Used surgical instruments
•    Used needles and cartridges
•    Body parts
•    Used lancets
•    Bandages with bloodstains

Where Does Hospital Medical Waste Go?
Overall, the medical waste disposal method mainly depends on the various categories described by the Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988. These categories include infectious waste, radioactive waste, hazardous waste, among others.

Disposing of Medical Waste

Some medical waste may be disposed of via landfill, which typically involves burying it in a pit. Alternatively, autoclaves are another way to dispose of medical waste, using highly heated containers.
In other places, they prefer using incinerators to dispose of their medical waste, which involves using equipment to burn your waste to ashes.
On the other hand, solid medical waste in plastics, packaging materials, papers, or medical devices, may be recycled, but this is optional. It can be repacked, relabeled, ready to be taken somewhere, and turned into something else when recycled.

Overall, there are numerous ways to dispose of medical waste. However, regardless of whether it’s hazardous or not, proper waste disposal is a must.