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How to Transfer and Dispose of Medical Waste?

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It’s no secret that medical waste should be adequately taken care of. However, how exactly does one transfer and dispose of it?
Aside from keeping humans safe, it should also be done with a focus on the environment. In this case, these are the three steps involved in the proper disposal of medical waste:

1.    Collect and segregate biomedical waste
It is essential to be familiar with the categories of medical waste. Doing so will help with the segregation as well. For example, there must be labeled containers made from suitable materials to accommodate these objects.
Similarly, color coordination and symbols will help set them apart as well. Overall, it is of utmost importance to label radioactive, hazardous, and infectious waste.

2.    Store and transport biomedical waste
A professional waste disposal company can take care of storage and transportation for a healthcare facility. Many medical waste management businesses have special vehicles customized for the transportation process.
However, clinical waste must be stored securely away from the public until it is time for bulk disposal.

3.    Dispose and treat biomedical waste
There are different ways to treat medical waste. For example, incineration is typically used for pharmaceutical and pathological waste.

On the other hand, autoclave chambers are often used for infectious waste and sharps. Aside from this, a medical waste shredder is also used for specific objects.


Until medical waste has been appropriately disposed of, it is the responsibility of the healthcare facility to store them properly. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right medical waste removal company to handle this process for you.