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Hand Hygiene

hand hygiene

Yes, we mentioned it before on Global Handwash Day, but we’re discussing it again. It’s vital to wash your hands regularly and often to remove and destroy pathogens from the hands. This is especially important in a healthcare setting, where microorganisms may be transmitted from healthcare workers to patients.

Sometimes poor hand hygiene in the workplace is a result of bad personal habits, but it’s also often because of the lack of handwashing or hand sanitizing facilities. Here’s what can happen if good hand hygiene practices are lacking:

  • 80% of all diseases can be spread by touch. Harmful pathogens like E. Coli are easily spread via the hands.
  • Washing, but not drying, the hands makes them 1000 times more likely to spread bacteria than if the hands are also dried.
  • Bacteria get spread around the office environment via unwashed hands. For example, from the toilet to the hands to the telephone.
  • Absenteeism will increase due to more sickness such as influenza and stomach bugs among employees.
  • Businesses, especially healthcare facilities, need to install proper hand hygiene solutions. Creating awareness of good hand sanitation has medical benefits but will also positively impact the company’s bottom line by increasing employee productivity.  An inoffensive way that businesses can deal with the issue is by handing around or emailing promotional flyers that encourage your staff to wash their hands regularly. Use the leaflets to explain how handwashing can improve health and provide a better work environment for everyone.