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Over the past few decades, it has come to the notice of the world at large that our beloved earth is writhing under the effects of our routine. And in a bid to curtail the harmful effect of this climate change, green life was introduced.

If the sustainability of the planet will be maintained, then every sector needs to be included in this green life movement. Beyond recycling medical waste, academic health centers and teaching hospitals have an added responsibility to incorporate energy-saving features and put an end to deteriorating environmental practices.

Why Should Hospitals Go Green?

Here are some of the reasons why health institutions should go green:

1. Improved health status of the population - Many of the diseases such as asthma, that ails the human body today can be curtailed if the air is cleaner. By going green, hazardous waste will also be reduced which will potentially decrease the number of harmful microorganisms capable of infecting people.

2. Save Cost - The green life does not just benefit the planet but is also economical. Hospitals can use the amount of money saved by being conscious of the environment to maximize patient care.

Practical Ways For Hospitals to go Green

1. Green construction - Recently, greener building innovations are now being incorporated by architects as they carry out hospital constructions. Hospitals can have roof gardens which will help reduce patients' blood pressure and anxiety.

2. Replacing Fossil Fuels - Energy from the wind and the sun is renewable and offers more sustainable heating, air induction and ventilation systems. Water plants can also be built to cool the buildings and save energy costs.

In conclusion, green life is an immersive life that does not exempt any sector. The more health institutions get involved, the safer our planet will be.