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Garbage Collectors for Hospital Waste Also Considered as Frontliners

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When it comes to the potentially harmful effects of medical wastes, everyone who comes into contact with them is equally exposed, from the health care workers to the garbage collectors.

Garbage collectors may seem to be at the bottom of the chain, but that does not mean efforts should not be made to make their work environment safer. They are also frontliners and deserve to be treated accordingly.

How to Protect the Garbage Collectors

The Covid-19 pandemic has opened people's eyes to many subtle issues in society, one of which is how dangerous medical waste can be to everyone who comes near it.

Here are some of the ways to ensure the safety of garbage collectors:

1.    Proper waste wrapping
Ensure that medical waste is appropriately wrapped in at least two bags to avoid coming into contact with the contaminated surfaces.

2.    Proper materials
Garbage collectors should be equipped with the necessary materials to cover themselves while they go about their duties. They should be given masks, gloves, boots, and other protective equipment. They should also be encouraged to maintain proper hygiene, such as frequent washing of hands and disinfectants.

3.    Proper segregation
Society and health facilities need to ensure that their waste is segregated following the general guidelines. This will serve as extra protection for those who will be disposing of the waste and help them be alert to the possible harm they may encounter.

To sum it up, society, in general, will benefit if garbage collectors handling medical waste are well catered for and treated accordingly.