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Dangers Posed by Liquid Medical Waste

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There are various types of medical waste, some of which are solid while others are in liquid form. Here, we will focus our attention on some of the hazards resulting from liquid medical waste. Health regulatory bodies have outlined various methods on how health facilities should dispose of their medical wastes. There is a huge risk if these guidelines are not followed in the letter.


Some of the liquid medical wastes include;


  • secretions and fluids from the body
  • bloody saliva in dental practices
  • amniotic fluids
  • Dialysis waste
  • Fluid from the spinal cord
  • Blood
  • Microbial culture and other lab specimens

    Some of these fluids can be plenty in your health facility. Therefore, there is a need to identify suitable methods and procedures on how to dispose of them. In many cases, some medical practitioners find it easy to spill these liquid medical wastes other than to follow the due process. There is a huge risk to the surrounding environment when one decides to spill the liquid medical waste.

    Some of the drawbacks that one is likely to experience by spilling liquid medical waste include;


    The chances of fully cleaning up that area to be free of infection are minimal.
  • There is a likelihood of left traces of the spilled liquid, which can be dangerous to live microorganisms around.
  • Air pollution is a possibility, especially when liquid medical waste is so toxic.
  • You are likely to bring onboard environmental health hazards in the surrounding area.



    A health facility must follow the right steps, right from liquid waste collection to disposal. It is advisable to solidify the liquid waste or embrace Fluid Waste Management Systems for your safety and community.