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Can We Recycle Our Medical Masks?

With the current pandemic, the problem of recycling used medical masks is no longer limited to the medical profession alone.

Nowadays, the use of masks is universally encouraged to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, used masks are being constantly discarded in household garbage or even tossed in the street, creating an additional health

This occurs when people use disposable masks instead of reusable masks, not knowing they can be recycled. In addition to the health risks, disposable masks pose a massive threat to the environment as millions of one-use masks are discarded daily.

Of course, not all masks are manufactured of recyclable material. More manufacturers are now aware of the problem and making their products recyclable.
However, this is not sufficient as the entire world population needs to know how to recycle masks, and provisions are needed to make it easier for people to comply with this policy.

The Solution
Fortunately, this is relatively easy to accomplish as suitably marked bins can be placed in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, hospitals, or businesses.
These bins should contain bin liners that can be easily removed, sealed, quarantined for at least 72 hours, and later collected by an appropriate waste disposable company.

In conclusion, we can recycle medical masks made from recyclable and non-recyclable material by practicing and implementing the above measures, reducing the further spread of the COVID-19 virus and averting yet another environmental disaster.

All that remains is for the correct choices to be made, and billions of contaminated face masks will no longer pollute the global environment.