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Waste Bin Hygiene

full waste bin
Many of us at one time or another have seen overflowing waste bins in the office or reception areas of healthcare facilities. It’s not unknown for office lunches to be thrown away in them and left to attract bacteria, insects and rodents.

Rotting food in the bins can lead to cross contamination with salmonella or staphylococcus leading to food poisoning, skin infections or gastroenteritis. On top of this, the bad odor does not make for a good working environment.

  • Do empty bins on a daily basis. A schedule should be set up for this and the appropriate staff trained to implement it.
  • Do recycle paper, glass and plastics
  • Do insist that the bins are washed and disinfected after emptying
  • Do use bin liners. When emptying the bin, seal the liner and discard it in an outside bin that has a lid.
  • Do not allow food waste to be discarded in office or waiting area bins
  • Do not discard glass or sharps in office bins

We don’t always think about office bin hygiene in healthcare facilities, but it does matter in terms of the overall environment of the facility. Bin cleanliness has an effect on the health and wellbeing of your employees.