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Influenza Season 2019/2020

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The US experiences flu epidemics annually. We call this “flu season” and your best defense against it is to get a flu shot. Flu season usually occurs in the fall and wintertime, with the beginning usually being in October or November and continuing until February and even through to May. If you haven’t received your flu shot it’s not too late, but hurry because flu season is upon us. Frequent hand washing and avoiding crowded places like shopping malls also helps to prevent it. Almost two-thirds of Americans have already been vaccinated this year, which is up from 55% last year.

The 2019/2020 flu vaccines have been formulated to match the current flu strains. They protect against the three or four flu viruses that current research shows will probably be most prevalent.

Not everyone chooses to get a flu shot, but those who should get one include people who are over sixty-five years old, asthmatics, those living with HIV/AIDS, young children and those who have heart disease or stroke.

The flu vaccine is given as an injection into the deltoid muscle or as a nasal spray.

Flu season started early this year, with doctors seeing large numbers of flu victims in October already. The flu is a bad strain, causing fever and stomach symptoms like vomiting. There have already been about 1.7 million people with flu seen by doctors and about 16 000 hospitalizations because of it. There’ve been almost 1000 flu-related deaths so far.

Be safe and get your shot!