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Hygiene Survey

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The World Health Organisation specifies that medical hygiene is the specific practice of hygienic measures to maintain health and prevent the spread of disease. It will include measures like hand washing, equipment sterilization and the safe disposal of medical waste.

As part of their services, most waste disposal companies will offer a thorough hygiene check of your business premises which will enable them to identify any risk factors. They’ll be able to see what hygiene services are needed such as sharps disposal and come up with a tailor-made service package for your healthcare facility.

Hygiene experts will assess all risks that could affect any visitors, patients and staff at your facility. This will include checking for the risk of transmission of pathogens via waste, surfaces, air and food contamination.

There are several methods that hygiene experts can use to check your facility’s risk factors including air sampling, as well as swabbing of surfaces in bathrooms, on keyboards and in food preparation areas. They can check on the number of handwashing stations available, as well as the type of handwash soaps used. Checks can be made on the number of sharps containers available and how the soiled laundry is processed.