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How Biomedical Waste is Treated

medical waste incinerator

It’s vital that biomedical waste is treated properly to prevent human and animal sickness and to protect the environment. Illegally dumping waste instead of paying a medical waste disposal company to do it results in countless problems.

Environmental Effects

Medical waste leaches into the groundwater, posing a grave threat to any human or animal that unknowingly drinks it. Animals find and eat the waste, spreading disease to humans and other animals. Non-biodegradable waste such as needles and scalpels bring a risk of injury and disease as well. Using a proper disposal company minimizes pollution, keeping landfills clearer and minimizing dangers.

How is it Treated?

The waste is first decontaminated depending on its type. The main methods of treatment are thermal processes using heat to destroy pathogens, chemicals acting as disinfectants, mechanical options like compacting, irradiation which treats the waste with ionizing or UV radiation. Heat methods can involve incineration, but emission limits have to be adhered to.


It’s important that the staff in your facility put waste into the correct bins so that it can undergo the right treatment. A third-party medic