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  • Urology

    Urology Waste Disposal

    MET is a fully licensed, certified, and insured medical waste, treatment, and disposal company. We offer our waste disposal services across California, Nevada, and Arizona.

    Urology clinics are specialized facilities that provide diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. Urology clinics, like other healthcare facilities, generate various types of medical waste that must be properly disposed of to prevent contamination and ensure the safety of patients and staff. Some examples of medical waste generated at urology clinics are: Sharps waste, Pathological waste, Pharmaceutical waste, Chemical waste, and Radioactive waste The amount and composition of medical waste generated at urology clinics may vary depending on the type and frequency of procedures performed. Proper medical waste disposal is essential to protect public health and the environment. Contact MET for more information.

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