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  • Doctor Office & Family Practice

    Doctor Office & Family Practice

    MET is a fully licensed, certified, and insured medical waste, treatment, and disposal company. We offer our waste disposal services across California, Nevada, and Arizona.

    Medical waste services through MET can help doctor offices and family practices reduce their costs, liabilities, and environmental impact by providing them with customized solutions for their medical waste management needs. Some of the benefits of using our medical waste services are: Secure, puncture-resistant, and leak-proof containers for medical waste storage and collection. Flexible pickup schedules and reliable transportation of medical waste to our treatment facility. State-of-the-art technologies and methods to treat and dispose of medical waste in an environmentally friendly way. Comprehensive documentation and reporting of medical waste generation, transportation, treatment, and disposal. Online access to compliance training, resources, and support for healthcare staff. Contact MET for more information.

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