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Where should Medical Waste be Disposed?

Medical waste seggregation

Healthcare providers need to choose the most appropriate disposal method depending on the type of medical waste. It is also important to know where the biomedical waste gets disposed of and how it gets transported to the sites.

Read on to know more about the proper disposal of medical waste with respect to the place of disposal and transportation.

·On-Site Treatment

Medical waste is often disposed of on-site, which means it is treated at the place where it is generated. This form of medical waste disposal is usually limited to well-monied large, healthcare facilities and hospitals.

On-site treatment can be extremely cost-prohibitive as the required tools and equipment are expensive to buy and maintain. It also involves expenses in terms of daily management of the waste disposal that involves the wages of the staff and the supplies needed.

Also, the regulatory maze and the use of equipment needed for on-site disposal of medical waste presents another barrier that makes this method less popular and infeasible for most facilities.

·Off-Site Treatment

Medical waste treatment can also be made off-site, which means the waste is carried to and disposed of at placed away from where they are generated.

This method offers a cost-effective option for small and mid-sized healthcare facilities such as clinics and small hospitals. Third-party vendors having expertise in medical waste collection, transportation, and disposal have trained staff as well as equipment needed to manage the process. Vendors can transport the waste by truck or mail.