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Reusing Insulin Syringes - Is it Okay?

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Insulin needles are made to be disposed of once used. However, several people tend to use them more than once. The choice falls on the patient whether to reuse syringes when injecting insulin. But what are the risks associated with such practice? Risks of Reusing Insulin SyringesYou can be prone to risk when you reuse insulin needles, and such risks increase more each time you keep on reusing your needles. They’re as follows:1. Pain upon inserting the needle and injecting insulinSince the tip gets crooked after each use, the pain increases more when inserting and pulling out the needle. When you feel pain after pulling out the needle, it is not likely because of the manner you withdrew it.In Moscow, a study was conducted where they grouped patients into 2 groups. The first group used syringes once while the second one reused their syringes. The group that reused syringes reported more pain compared to their last injection.2. LipohypertrophyThis condition causes lump found under the skin usually caused by insulin injection. According to studies, depending on how often you inject at a site and the times you reuse a syringe, there are higher risks of having this condition.3. Growth of bacteria on the syringe needleIn a study done in Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute, they found the presence of bacteria after one injection. After the needle is continuously reused, bacterial growth is found on the needle. Since insulin injections are done subcutaneously, bacteria were seen on the skin. These bacteria won’t make you sick. However, they can increase the risk of having other bacteria that can be dangerous to your health.