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Problems Medical Waste Management Teams Face

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Countries across the globe are managing with proper medical waste disposal. Even the highly developed countries are still faced with a lot of problems when it comes to medical waste. This is not a small issue that anyone can just shrug off as improper handling of medical waste can affect not only the environment but most importantly human health as well. Now, let us try to know what are the common problems that medical waste management teams are still struggling with. 

1.An increased volume of medical waste

Highly developed countries are currently faced with the huge dilemma of an increased volume of medical waste. This is because of the increased usage of disposable items. The operating room, which counts for about 20 to 30 percent of the hospital’s medical waste, throws open surgical kits, even though some are still unused, because of the fear of breaching sterilization. 

2.Exposure to infections

Even with modernization, still, a lot of healthcare workers and even medical waste management teams were exposed to infections because of the mishandling of medical waste.  Also, some medical staff still cannot follow the proper segregation of waste, thus increasing the exposure of the medical waste management team to infection. 

3.Lack of proper disposal containers

Most developing countries are having a problem with the procurement of high-cost safety boxes used for collecting contaminated sharps. Sharps are supposed to be collected in a sturdy, sealed box with proper labeling. However, because of its high-expense, some medical facilities of developing countries don’t have the luxury of having these safe containers, thus predisposing their medical waste team to pricks and punctures from contaminated sharps. 

4.Lack of protective equipment

Some medical waste management team are handling medical waste without protective gear. This is frightening as they are more likely to get infections if they are not wearing proper protective equipment. 

These are just some of the problems that the medical waste management team is facing. Medical facilities have to make a solution to these problems, as these could put the team at high risk of contracting diseases and infections.