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Occupational Hygiene

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Occupational hygiene is not only concerned with bathroom cleanliness, but with the cleanliness of the whole workplace. It’s a fact that most office desks host four hundred times more bacteria than a toilet seat. That’s why it’s important to take measures in your healthcare facility to clean and sanitize all equipment. Medical facilities often focus on cleaning medical instruments and toilet facilities, but forget about phones, keyboards, desks and the office mouse. Keeping these objects sanitized greatly reduces the risk of infections that cause workplace sickness.

Putting a good occupational hygiene schedule in place will save money in the long term because it will reduce absenteeism due to illness. It will also protect visitors and patients and ensure that you are compliant with all occupational health and safety standards.

Measures that can be taken to improve hygiene are:

  •     Provision of sanitizing handwipes in strategic areas.
  •     Hand sanitizing liquids and sprays should be provided where access to water is not possible, such as office zones.
  •     Setting up sufficient handwashing facilities in toilet areas and food preparation zones.
  •     A schedule for wiping down all surfaces including floors should be put into place.
  •     Grease traps and drains should be treated with appropriate products.
  •     Correct storage and removal of all medical and general waste