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Is There a Landfill for Medical Waste Alone?

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The healthcare industry aims to bring back wellness and save tons of lives. However, what happens to the waste they make? Are they implementing proper protocols for medical waste disposal? According to the World Health Organization, out of the total amount of medical waste, roughly 85% can be classified as non-hazardous while the remaining 15% contains radioactive or chemical, or infectious materials. That being said, it may expose the public, including health workers and hospital workers, to deadly microorganisms. On top of that, scavengers wandering around waste disposal sites are at risk too.

Usually, they manage the manual sorting and handling of harmful waste from different healthcare facilities.How to Improve Medical Waste Management? Moving forward, the government should take action to prevent the worst-case healthcare scenario in relation to poor waste management practice. Experts highly recommended 3 strategies for this. First, health professionals, hospitals, and clinics should work hand-in-hand to lessen medical waste. The second strategy is that policy-makers and health professionals must inform everyone regarding the perils of using incorrect techniques for medical waste disposal.

Lastly, always go for environment-friendly waste management ways to practice zero waste. Going back to the question, is there a landfill for medical waste alone? Well, IT SHOULD HAVE. It won’t just greatly help you and your family. Landfill sites and garbage dumps have been filled with a different type of dumped waste. Moreover, failure to construct landfills may result in water contamination since toxins are released into that site. To wrap this up, medical waste may expose you to different types of diseases. Thus, it will make sense to have a separate landfill for healthcare alone.