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How Do You Treat Medical Waste?

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Due to the recent pandemic, treating medical waste is now more important than ever to avoid the spread of viruses and other diseases. To know more about how it's processed, continue reading below.

Methods of Medical Waste Treatments

There are several widely used methods of treating medical waste treatment in labs, clinics, and hospitals. Here are some examples:

●    Autoclaves

Autoclaves are closed chamber machines that apply heat to pressurize and steam medical waste to sterilize it. It is among the most commonly used methods of medical waste treatment worldwide.

However, one downside of autoclaves is that the process can cause the chemical to be aerosolized. This can make the treatment facilities sick if they do not follow the right safety protocols.

●    Incineration

The incineration method involves using a machine with controlled burning features to treat medical waste. This is among the oldest medical waste treatment methods, but it is also widely criticized due to its harmful effects on the environment.

●    Mechanical/Chemical Disinfection

Mechanical or chemical disinfection involves tearing or pulverizing medical waste. However, this process does not disinfect the medical was, nor does it kill pathogens. What it does is only minimize the waste volume.

●    Microwave

Microwaves are used for treating wastewater sludge. These machines are commonly found on the site of hospitals.

Final Words

Medical waste treatment is a serious issue. Luckily, there are now several methods to choose from that are less harmful to the environment. However, although these methods are nowhere perfect, they will be eventually evolved in the future to address their disadvantages.