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Hospital Waste IMore Dangerous Than You Think: Here's Why


Medical waste refers to the waste produced by hospitals and clinics. These wastes include surgical gloves, masks, syringes and sometimes, even blood and human tissue. You may already be aware that they are dangerous wastes, but they are even more dangerous than you think. Here are the reasons why: 

  • They Can Cause Infections and Diseases

    When medical wastes are mishandled, it can cause infections and diseases. This is because these waste are used to treat people who are suffering from a medical condition. For example, if a person with a viral infection had their blood drawn in the hospital and that syringe ends up somewhere that it shouldn't, it may cause the virus to spread. 

  • Medical Waste Can Cause Injuries

    Many medical wastes have sharp edges. Some examples of these are used scalpel, razors, and syringes. These items often cause injuries to people when medical waste is not disposed of properly. This is a more common occurrence than you think. Aside from causing injuries, these can also result in infections and diseases to easily contaminate other people. 

    Final Thoughts

    Do not underestimate the harms that can be caused by medical waste. They are extremely dangerous, unlike ordinary waste. According to statistics, 33.8 lbs of medical wastes are produced daily by a single staff. This is why we must urge hospitals, and clinics to adhere to the waste disposal policies and take preventive measures so that they will not cause a spread of viruses, diseases, and infections.