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Can Medical Waste Be Stored?

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Yes, medical waste can be stored. However, it requires careful handling. Or else, it can lead to the transmission of hazardous diseases since it contains infectious materials. Also, injuries might result from sharp medical waste.


Unlike regular waste storage, storage of medical waste is done while awaiting transportation and disposal. Below is the process involved in waste storage.


Medical Waste Labeling


Medical waste labeling is done for external communication and for internal use. For external communication, medical waste labeling warns employees and the public regarding the type of waste stored in the container.


On the other hand, medical waste labeling done for internal use requires employees to label the hazard containers with the type of waste, date, and point of generation.


Medical Waste Storage Bags


Medical waste can be stored in labeled bags. Medical waste bags are normally made of low-density or polyethylene materials for ease of burning in an incinerator.


Medical Waste Storage Containers


Medical waste should be placed in sturdy containers. Lockable containers are recommended to protect customers and non-professionals.


Sharp Containers for Medical Waste


Sharp containers are made from thick plastic with a door and are used for the storage of sharp materials such as needles and lancets.


On-site Medical Waste Storage


Locks should be installed in medical waste storage rooms to protect the public. Indoor storage sites are recommended, but outdoor storage cabs are fenced to keep animals and humans away. There are state regulations that dictate how long medical treatment should be stored before it is treated.


Final Words

Safety should come first when handling medical waste. Proper storage of medical waste is one way of ensuring that people and animals are safe from diseases and injuries. Since storage is an essential step in medical waste handling, it should be done in the recommended manner.