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A Remedy for the Growing Epidemic of Medical Waste

Fighting the spread of Covid-19 has posed a threat to the global setting due to the rise of personal protective equipment (PPE). Luckily new inventions have played a massive role in assisting healthcare facilities in managing waste effectively.

The decline of infection rates in some nations has lately resulted in long-term effects becoming clearer. The global economy and daily programs have also been disrupted. The limited capacities of the healthcare facilities have resulted in many issues in the operation of the healthcare systems.

The rise of the Covid-19 cases resulted in an increase in the production of PPE across the world. The current report shows that at least 129 billion facemasks and 65 million gloves are used per month worldwide. The Covid-19 related trash is lately discarded across many urban centers.

Most of the medical equipment applied in healthcare facilities is single-use. This makes it hard to get the right and enough disposal sites among many nations. This trash previously used as protective gear has become a disease-spreading zone endangering wildlife and marine life.

Fortunately, an Israeli invention is dealing with the issue of rising medical waste. Among the inventions include the Envomed 80 onsite device to reduce the trash into an environmentally friendly and disposable product.

Maabarot is a metalwork company in Israeli which invented the machine to provide a sustainable solution of eliminating medical waste. The device treats up to more than 200kgs of medical waste every nine hours shift in less than 20 minutes.


Envomed 80 machine has helped shun pileups of Covid-19 related trash in most healthcare facilities. This has been an effective remedy, especially during the pandemic compared to the pick-up services.